For their safety, children are not allowed in the cutting area unless they are having a service in the salon. Children and babies in strollers are not allowed in the cutting area while a parent, friend, or sibling etc. is receiving a service. Please make arrangements for small children if you plan to be in the salon for an extended period of time.

A child who can sit quietly while unsupervised may wait in the reception area while a parent is getting a haircut. If a client comes in with a child and the child cannot sit by his/herself a rescheduling of the appointment will be necessary.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Fusion has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you must cancel, please try to call at least one day prior to the appointment so we have time to fill in the appointment with clients who are on our waiting list. Clients who abuse this policy may be charged a fee for cancellations or may need to pay with a credit card upon booking appointments.

Clients with 3 no-show appointments within a one year period must pay with a credit card at the time of booking.

A cancellation within one hour of the scheduled appointment, or an appointment canceled after the scheduled time of the appointment will be considered a no show.


Fusion reserves the right to modify service prices without advance notice.


To protect your clothing, we encourage all clients to wear a protective smock while receiving chemical services. Smocks are made available for your convenience. Fusion shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage to or loss of personal belongings.